Safety Policy

At Voltcon Enterprises Pvt, our commitment to environmental, health, safety, and security excellence is a foundation we affirm to all of our internal and external stakeholders.

We are committed to

Designing, building, operating, and maintaining our facilities to effectively manage process safety and other hazards and to minimize process and product risks.

Delivering products and solutions that contribute to a safer and more sustainable future Resolving circumstances responsibly that require corrective action.

Compliance with this commitment, applicable laws, and other requirements is the responsibility of every employee and contractor acting on our behalf. We will review and continually improve our practices to drive improvements in environmental, health, safety, and security performance.

Workplace Safety Strategy

Safety and Environment Philosophy

Achieving Safety Excellence
At Voltcon Enterprises Pvt we believe in prioritizing safety and health of our people and incorporating this as a value. Safety is embedded across the organization and is an integral part of how we conduct our business. It is our continuous effort to make it an ever safe place.

At Voltcon Enterprises Pvt, we have a robust system for safety management through Occupational Health and Safety Policy, standard operating procedures, instructions, safe methods of work, work permit systems etc. However, in spite of these systems and procedures, injuries have still happened at work. It was realized that safety performance levelled out after a while and employees had a tendency to revert back to old practices. For example, a tool-box talk illustrating correct handling techniques will result in correct techniques on the day of the talk; however, over time employees have a tendency to revert to earlier practices. This highlighted the need for reinforcing correct procedures and bring about a change in behaviour.

Meeting Environment and Energy demand:

There are various reasons for unsafe behavior. These issues can be reduced, if not completely eliminated, by building a culture of safety. We are focusing on cultural change through training and other techniques like behaviour based training and inculcating safety in the mindset of all employees, workers and stakeholders.

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